Guitare – Tears in heaven

13 មករា

Tears in heaven-Accord from:

A       E       F#m
Would xxx know xx xxxx,
D    A               E
If x xxx you xx heaven,
A      E       F#m
Would xx be xxx same,
D    A            E
If x saw xxx xx heaven,

F#m         C#
I xxxx be xxxxxx,
Em         F#
and xxxxx on,
Bm            E7
Cause x xxxx I xxxxx xxxxxx,
Here xx heaven

| A   E/G# | F#m  | D  E7sus E7|  A  |

A          E       F#m
Would xxx hold xx hand
D      A        E
If x saw xxx in xxxxxx
A       E      F#m
Would xxx help xx xxxxx
D    A       E
If x saw xxx xx xxxxxx

F#m          C#  Em                 F#
I’ll xxxx my xxx, through xxxxx and xxx
Bm                 E7
xxxxx I know x xxxx can’t xxxx
Here xx heaven

C        G/B         Am
Time xxx bring xxx down
D         G   D  Em D G
Time xxx bend xxxx knee
C         G        Am
Time xxx break xxxx xxxxx
D       G
xxxx you xxxxxxx please
Begging xxxxxx


C        G
Beyond xxx xxxx
D           Fm
There’s xxxxx xxx xxxx
C        G
And x know xxxxxxxx xx xx xxxx
D7      G
Tears xx heaven


Posted by ​នៅ ខែមករា 13, 2011 in ចំរៀង



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